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TV's Most Unbelievable Couples

If you've been watching the new break out HBO dramedy Girls this past season you've seen Lena Dunham's awkward yet refreshingly real relationship with wannabe actor Adam Sackler (Adam Driver). These two can't seem to get it right, but their relationship makes sense. She's a glutton for punishment; he is often the punisher.

Last week it was announced that Season Two would feature a potential new lover for Dunham's character Hannah Horvath. There are a million twenty-something New York hipster-looking actors that come to mind when casting a new beau for Dunham or the show could follow its current route of using relative unknowns, but Dunham's casting choice went in neither of those directions. It's been reported that Patrick Wilson will appear on the show as Dunham's neighbor and love interest.

If you are not familiar with Wilson, he has been in a number of indie films including Evening and Little Children, in addition to some blockbuster type movies such as Watchmen and The A-Team. Most recently he showed up for a hot minute in Prometheus as Doctor Shaw's father. When I say he showed up for a "hot minute," I literally mean he was in the movie for a minute and he is ridiculously good looking.

Surely as the director and creator of the show Dunham has some liberty to cast whomever she wants as her lover and more power to her for casting Wilson. Who wouldn't want to pretend to make out with him? Have you seen him in his swim trunks in Little Children? That being said, there is no way this coupling is realistic. No offense to Dunham, who is adorable and wonderfully quirky, but Wilson would never be her boyfriend. The universe just wouldn't allow it.

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