UH Graphic Novel Workshop Uncovers Underground Talent

Last night at the University of Houston Anderson Library, participants in Mat Johnson's Graphic Novel spring workshop displayed the fruits of their labor. The workshop is a unique collaboration between the UH School of Art and the Creative Writing Program.

Johnson (follow him on Twitter), a faculty member in the UH Creative Writing Program, has published two graphic novels, the Hellblazer Special: Papa Midnite series and Incognegro.

For those who were fortunate enough to attend TEDx this summer, Johnson (a speaker at the conference) provided a thorough tour of the experience involved in the creation of these graphic novels. One of the most interesting things Johnson described was the part of the process out of his control, the duties of the artist.

The students' work--solo and collaborative efforts--covered the walls at the Honors Commons. The exhibiting writers and artists come from surprisingly different backgrounds. Some are undergraduates, some are graduate students, and some have impressive lists of professional experience. Overall, the quality of the work was excellent and professional in nature. The turnout was fantastic, and there was a good deal of conversation. Some of the artists were on hand to answer questions and discuss their work.

The artists/writers showcased include Ted Closson, Chuck Ivy, Grant MacManus, Brandon White, Dean Haspiel, Jonathan Niles Gill, Joe Infurnari, James Roberts and Mike Cavallaro.

The next Graphic Novel Workshop will take place spring 2011.

Below are a couple images from James Roberts and Mike Cavallaro's Pawny.

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