Uncle Charlie Art Show, DJ Sex Panther, and Go-Go Dancing this Saturday on Main Street

The 3700 block of Main Street--home to The Continental Club, Shoeshine Charley's Big Top Lounge, (old) Sig's Lagoon, Tacos A-GoGo, and The Mink--has long been an oasis of camp and cool along the rail line. Last month the Best Block in Houston expanded North across Windbern with the grand opening of the new Sig's Lagoon, My Flaming Heart, Shop-O-Rama, and Natachee's Supper N' Punch. If you haven't been down to the island lately (or hell, even if you have) head on down this Saturday for an evening of art, food, and of course, live music.

Uncle Charlie Poster Show Sig's Lagoon Record Shop (NEW LOCATION 3622-E Main) 6pm-11pm

Even if you've never heard of "Uncle" Charlie Hardwick, chances are you've seen his work. As the senior art director of a local design firm, Hardwick designed packaging for household name products from Coke Foods (including Hi-C and Minute Maid), Imperial Sugar and Mission Foods until 2008. However, his contributions to the music industry have elevated the 41-year-old Houston native to "guru" status. Perhaps Chris Gray said it best in a 2008 profile of the Houston scene for Spin Magazine: "When big guns like U2, Metallica, and Red Hot Chili Peppers come to town, [Hardwick] gets the call to design one of his horror-movie and pop-art inspired posters." Hardwick's latest rock poster art, skateboards, magnets, and shirts will be on display from 11am-12am. Meet the man himself in-store from 6pm-11pm.

2nd Saturday Block Party on Main The new additions across Windbern 7pm-?

The new kids on the block (Sig's Lagoon, My Flaming Heart, Shop-O-Rama, and Natachee's Supper & Punch) are hoping to make these 2nd Saturday block parties a monthly event, complete with food, drink, and live entertainment. This weekend's shindig will feature the funky, soulful sounds of DJ Psychedelic Sex Panther (warning: link NSFW).

The Ugly Beats The Continental Club 10pm

If you've made it this far with your wits intact, hop across the street to The Continental Club for The Ugly Beats, a '60s garage rock revival out of Austin comprised of members too young to remember the '60s. This video clip makes me want to leave it all behind in pursuit of life as a fringed go-go dancer.

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