Uncle Funky's Daughter: Not Strictly for the Curly Haired

Everyone knows Uncle Funky's Daughter in Rice Village is THE place to go if you have curly hair. It's the only salon in Houston that caters specifically to curls, and its eponymous hair products are 100-percent natural, organic and PETA-friendly. Well, we're here to tell you that Uncle Funky's Daughter is also the place to go for that perfect, funky-going-out ensemble.

Who knew that a hair salon and clothing boutique would go so well together? The clothing at the boutique fits all sizes and age ranges; mother, daughter, and even grandmother can shop together (only the really funky grandmothers). And the threads are unique and trendy without looking like sci-fi-convention attire. The heavily textured skirts, shibori tank tops, and brightly colored patterned pieces fill the store and make the salon/shopping experience so much fun. At Uncle Funky's you'll find something in budget (Clothing ranges from $29-$229) as well as something you can't find anywhere else in Houston.

2428 Times Blvd, Houston, TX, 77005 713-528-0888

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Kristen Eide
Contact: Kristen Eide