University of Houston Main Campus Recognized Nationally for Its Beauty

Longtime Houston residents are pretty used to beautiful photographs taken on the Rice University campus with its rolling lawns, porticoes and tree-lined pathways. 

Less well known — but clearly this is about to change — is the University of Houston's main campus, which has been working hard in the past few years to build on its own winding trails, gravel paths and lighted splendor. Impressive enough that it just snagged the No. 19 spot on a Top 35 list of 35 Great Value Colleges with Beautiful Campuses.

According to the online rating company, UH has invested more than $220 million in campus improvements. In preparation for the Alley Theatre's 2014-15 home away from home season on the UH campus, the university transformed the area outside its theater and museum into a dramatic bit of artistry. 

Some of the 667 acres of property the main campus takes up host all manner of wildflowers. Students can go to nearby Brays Bayou, where there's a hike-and-bike trail, a community garden and parks filled with trees. 

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