Up in the Sky, Out in the Streets: The Top 10 Photos of the Week

We here at the Houston Press have long believed that some of the best photographers in the world live right here in Houston. Between the slideshows and blogs we publish and the images you share with us in our Flickr Pool, we see tons of amazing photos every week, and this is our chance to celebrate our favorites.

This week's photos include masks, people who make flying around look easy, and a guest appearance by Mayor Parker.

That is some mighty fine looking lobster.

Fall Out Boy have been enjoying Grand Theft Auto 5 a bit too much.

That, friends, is an awesome boom box.

So many choices at Houston Press Hoppy Hour.

Possessed by aliens or just really in to the music: you decide.

They tumble through the air but never hit the ground.

From left to right: a rap legend, the Mayor, and one of our own. Fantastic.

We didn't have this type of swing on the playground.

Sometimes things do end with a bang instead of a whimper.

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