UPDATE: Now With Video: Sashay Away, It's National Dance Day!

Our humdrum parking lot was transformed into an open-air dance floor this morning, when about 50 Houstonians came out to celebrate National Dance Day. The holiday, created by judge Nigel Lythgoe of So You Think You Can Dance, encourages men, women and kids of all ages to shake their booties.

Our Houston contingent repped everyone from preschoolers to pregnant mothers. Even the Houston Dynamo Dance Squad, decked out in their knee-highs and pom-poms, were on hand to lead the crowd.

After just a few run-throughs, we were all momentarily transformed into salseros. The final product was filmed from the roof, and our Black Eyed Peas-tastic number will be submitted to So You Think You Can Dance for judging. (Just kidding, but we're hoping for a few seconds of airtime. Really, who could resist this face?)

If you haven't seen enough, check out our slideshow.

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