Updated: Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Shoot Has Leaked

The moment we have all been waiting for since like, this summer has finally come. Lindsay Lohan's Playboy shoot leaked online this morning, and the Marilyn Monroe-inspired set of stills isn't awful, but this isn't Mean Girls-era Lohan either we are seeing. This is the blond and pale Lohan we have seen in numerous courtroom guest appearances the past year.

Sites like TMZ, What Would Tyler Durden Do and others began leaking links to 4Chan and The Interrobang, who are proudly showing the pictures right now until Playboy's lawyers pull them down. Gawker is not only decrying the airbushing of Lohan's tattoos in the spread, but also the lack of lady parts.

The magazine has spent a good chunk of change in the hunt for an official nude Lohan shoot, and this can't be making them happy. A photo of the cover of the January issue leaked just two days ago.

It also seems that LiLo's mother, Dina Lohan, was correct in stating that photos wouldn't be too hardcore either, at least by Playboy standards. In a word: no genitals. What do you think of the pics? Tasteful nudes suitable for framing, or Photoshop and airbrush nightmare? The full set can be seen here. Update: Alas, we can no longer link you to the full set. Guess you'll just have to buy the magazine.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.