UPDATED: Rice Students Put Together a Rubik's Cube Mosaic of Nelson Mandela

Students from Rice University came together to produce a mosaic with 600 Rubik's cubes featuring former South African president, Nelson Mandela who died last year on December 5. In honor of Black History Month the montage will be on display at Rice University's BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC) building.

Cory Thigpen, president of the Rice Club, wanted to pay tribute to Mandela in a creative way and him and his team found out a way to do that by incorporating Rubik's cubes.

"The project was time sensitive and we really wanted something that was going to capture people's interest," said Thigpen. "Nelson Mandela had just passed and we thought it would be a great way to honor him."

The display was created on Friday, January 31 at 8 a.m. and took only three hours to complete. There were at least six to eight people working on it at a time. It took another 30 minutes to move the display from the second floor of the BRC downstairs to the lobby.

The Rice Club was able to receive support by the company that owns the Rubik's cube brand, Seven Towns, by acquiring the 600 cubes from them from "You Can Do the Rubik's Cube." an educational community outreach program. Although all Rice Club members are not cube masters there are some who feel more comfortable than others in solving these tricky puzzles.

The Mandela display will be available for viewing the entire month of February at Rice Public Art's pop up gallery in the lobby of the BRC and is open to the public.

The Rice Club is already discussing the next project and has the full support from Seven Towns who offered to lend out 1,500 cubes in the future.

"Certainly thinking bigger potentially for next year," said Thigpen. "Considering this is a club from the Jones private school of business we may look into doing somebody relevant to Rice like Jesse H. Jones."

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