UPDATED: Texas Children's Hospital DVD Collection Stolen (Well, Not So Much)

UPDATE: Editor's note: Turns out there was not a major theft of DVDs from Texas Children's, as this just-released statement from the hospital makes clear. It still gives some other ways to help. Call us chagrined. Texas Children's FaceBook Statement:

Yesterday we received a number of calls about DVDs being stolen from the Infusion Room at Texas Children's Cancer Center. And today, these reports have quickly spread across the internet, with hundreds of people posting about their desire to help out. While we do have DVDs go missing from time to time, we did not experience a mass theft. We are deeply appreciative and amazed by the outpouring of support from the community. Donations - monetary and otherwise - are always needed and appreciated. If you are interested in donating to the hospital, please visit waystogive.texaschildrens.org or call 832-824-6806.

Our original post:

This week the DVD collection at Texas Children's Hospital Cancer Center was boosted by a lowlife, and there has already been a movement to help the hospital replace what they have lost. With the help of gossip blog The Superficial and a Facebook post, the cancer center should be well on the way to an even bigger collection than they had before.

"These were movies little kids watched to pass the time while getting chemo," said the Superficial posting on Facebook. Hopefully the person or persons who did the thieving gets caught soon.

The thought of some thief douchebag taking a stack of kids' movies into a pawn shop or Half Price Books to get drug or beer money makes me livid.

One of my favorite film blogs, FilmDrunk, alerted me to the situation.

The Superficial passed along a Cypress mailing address (below) where you can send DVDs, but those of us in the Houston area can probably just drop them off at the hospital in our free time. According to the post, they will be collecting flicks until the end of the month.

Layla Grace Foundation 12320 Barker Cypress Rd. Suite 600 #264 Cypress, TX 77429

The TCH team also suggested donating any used gaming systems you may have sitting in your place collecting dust. You bought that old Nintendo system to be ironic, but you only used it three times, and twice you were drunk. Hand it over, pal.

I am already thinking of movies I have lying around at home that I should pass on to these kids, who have already suffered through enough needles and hospital stays and just need something to help take their minds off yet another scary procedure.

Obviously the hospital is looking for family-friendly fare of the G and PG-rated variety, so keep your Sex and the City box sets at home. I guess this means I can't donate the extra copy of The Terminator I have on my shelf, either.

I suggest donating Rango, because it's an awesome kids' movie that even parents can enjoy. Or you could be all hip and trendy and donate The Fantastic Mr. Fox and start the kids off in the right Wes Anderson direction.

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