Victoria Beckham Launches Victoria, Victoria Beckham at Net-A-Porter

Remember when Victoria Beckham was a Spice Girl, went by "Posh Spice," and wore brown lipstick? Ahh, the '90s! I guess I'm just feeling a little nostalgic, after a friend turned me on to the Pandora '90s Pop station. While as a group The Spice Girls never really represented the height of refined fashion, their style was important to their persona -- individually, and collectively -- and informed the way the world viewed them. So it always struck me as kind of weird when, after The Spice Girls broke up and Victoria Beckham began pursuing a career in fashion, that people were skeptical about her abilities. Her "thing" was, after all, that she was "posh."

Victoria Beckham proved her critics wrong, and in the years since her departure from the Spice Girls she has both positioned herself as a style icon and created her own successful fashion line. Sure, it might be nice if she smiled more (she has said in interviews it's because she is "insecure") but her look is pretty and classic, but with an edge: clean lines, perfect fit, and interesting neutrals (white, gray, navy, and metallics).

Her Victoria Beckham line has gained in popularity since its inception in 2008, and she has extended her design reach into denim and handbags, eyewear and accessories. Earlier this month she released a six-look capsule collection for online retailer Net-A-Porter called Victoria, Victoria Beckham.

Of the six looks released in early June, five remain available for sale, ranging in price from $800-$1200--pricey, but affordable compared to Victoria Beckham's main collection where dresses are more in the $2500 range, and jeans go for $400.

The looks are recognizably Beckham, employing simple lines and classic silhouettes, including two shift dresses. Two of the dresses employ a dropped-waist design, which traditionally looks best on taller women. The dropped waist is very on-trend with the '20s flapper vibe going on right now, and Beckham's pleated silk-crepe mini dress in green and back is the most literal interpretation of that; a pleated skirt and inverted chevron waistband strongly reference the '20s, even more than the dropped waist.

The best bet for all body types is the Jacquard cocoon mini-dress; I love it in ivory, but it also comes in green and red (black is sold out). The vertical pleating detail at the neckline in the back makes this dress a stunner, whether you are coming or going. Due to the relaxed fit--there is no waistline to be found on this dress--I recommend hemming it well above the knee, pairing it with a sky-high pair of heels (as Victoria herself surely would) and accessorizing with one or two pieces of statement jewelry--a great cocktail ring and a pair of chandelier earrings, or an armful of bangles.

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Christina Uticone