Vid Picks of the Week

Every week, Art Attack's internet-video expert Vernon Caldera shares his current faves and curiosities. Got something to recommend? Email him.

Check out Caldera's picks after the jump.

1. Two Fat Ladies, "Huvas Episode"

Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Patterson make huevos rancheros in this, one of our favorite Two Fat Ladies episodes. The series about two motorcycle-with-sidecar, cross-country-trotting ladies originally aired from 1996 to 1999. Somewhere between Paula Dean and The Golden Girls, the ladies are enjoying a revival of sorts on The Cooking Channel. Clarissa recounts making the dreaded mistake of saying "Huvas" instead of "Huevos" at the Ritz Carlton in Madrid. Jennifer discusses the origins of Kedgeree.

2. The Irrepressibles, "In This Shirt", video by PAG

Tel Aviv-based production outfit PAG worked with The Irrepressibles to create this amazing and haunting NSFW video for the Irrepressibles' song "In This Shirt." Compare the original video here and here.

3. Get Out! of the Closet!, Episode 1

Houston film company Zenfilm created the mockumentary web-series Get Out! Of the Closet! starring the lovely Natalie Ice ("Natty Ice," if you're nasty) as a well-intentioned-yet-overzealous fag hag. The series is finally getting some great recognition. Vote for Get Out! Of the Closet! on the NexTV Web Series competition here.

4. Improv Everywhere, "Black Tie Beach"

Improv Everywhere is a New-York based improv group that "causes scenes of chaos and joy in public spaces." Their latest mission takes them to Brighton Beach where participants were asked to wear formal attire. The resulting scene is pure genius - tons of confused looks from beachgoers. Check out more pics from the event as well as the group's process on their site.

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