Vid Picks of the Week

Every week, Art Attack's internet-video expert Vernon Caldera shares his current faves and curiosities. Got something to recommend? Email him.

Check out Caldera's picks after the jump.

Cache Rules Everything Around Me by Evan Roth Evan Roth is an artist and researcher whose work focuses on technology, tools of empowerment, open-source and popular culture. His CV includes a unique claim: To find Roth's work online, Google "bad ass mother fucker." His most recent work, Cache Rules Everything Around Me, is Roth's animated gif collection played in 10 minutes and set to Girl Talk's NightRipper. The artist suggests playing it loud.

"White Knuckles" by OK Go The people responsible for creating the whole viral-music-video thing (52 million views and counting) are at it again with their new video, "White Knuckles."

E/x by Luke Savisky Aurora Picture Show presented the seventh annual Media Archeology Festival this past weekend. The mission of the festival (originally conceived by Evan Roth) is to showcase artists who use, manipulate, recycle and reinvent electronic media to create live multidisciplinary performances. Video artist Luke Savisky transformed the Buffalo Bayou East End Silo into a giant canvas for "E/x". Savisky projected faces and bodies of performance participants, original film footage and found elements from his 16mm, 35mm and digital archive to evoke themes of defense, confinement, emergence and transformation.

Obama the Musical In case you missed it, Germany made a musical about our last Presidential election, complete with a singing Sarah Palin and hip-hop references a plenty. Hailed as one of the "currently most cited musicals in the world," "HOPE shows the amazing history of the development of a new societal movement to a new generation."

Congratulations, you have seen it all.

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