Vid Picks of the Week: Reality on YouTube

The film critic for The New York Times, A.O. Scott, writes about the underlying themes of movies in How Real Does It Feel? (The Social Network, Scott Pilgrim vs the Universe, I'm Still Here, etc). To highlight the notion of reality on screen, they asked 14 Oscar-buzzed actors to present their craft without using words. The results were genius clips including the one above of James Franco seducing himself. Quelle avant garde!

But, we ask, what is "reality" on YouTube?

(Warning, NSFW content ahead.)

Kool-Aid Man In Second Life Kool-Aid Man is an avatar for artist Jon Rafman as he exlpores Second Life. His online persona gives him access to "members only" parts of the web. His "artwork" is touring these imaginary worlds created by everyday people. It's the real life version of Inception where "we" are the architects of the universe and Kool-Aid Man is our Leonardo DiCaprio.

Not In Kansas Anymore In the movies, "Not in Kansas anymore" is another way of saying "we've left reality."

Portlandia - Dream of the '90s In this video spoof, we're treated to a special form of reality wherein it's proposed that citizens of Portland, Ore. have decided to forego reality and instead live in a state of "permanent '90s." (The weird thing about this video spoof is that it's spot-on!)

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