Vid Picks of the Week: The Empire of Chingo Bling

Pedro Herrera III, aka Chingo Bling, is a rapper/entrepreneur who is no stranger to the Press. In 2007, he released his national debut, They Can't Deport Us All and became the voice of a people.

For the purposes of this column, he is the "Hefner" of a viral empire that includes films (I Am Too Famous For This Chit), Chingo TV, and most recently, a web series about "TAMALES!!!" (also the name of Mr. Bling's annual awards show).

Next, see our favorite Chingo Bling viral moments.

4. TAMALE INCORPORATED: SEASON PREMIERE...We swamped with orders! The Bling family makes tamales in the Season Premiere of Tamale Incorporated. Be sure to watch Episode 2 in which Chingo is mobbed at a "Screwed Up Southwest CD Shop @ Mercado 6 on HWY 6 in Alief".

3. Chingo.TV presents Crunk Ass Puppet Cho Mexican marionettes merengue to rap.

2. DRAGONBALL Z MEXICAN VERSION Featuring Chingo~Bling "Yo soy tu OG, puto!!!" is introduced to our vernacular.

1. CHINGO BLING - "CHINE FLU" MUSIC VIDEO Our favorite Chingo Bling moment is a cameo at the beginning of the video for "Chine Flu" by Houston's own "King of Bling" Johnny Dang. Sharpstown represent!


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