Vid Picks of the Week: The State of Politics on YouTube

The web has presented an interesting opportunity for even the most remote politicos to gain national attention. In some cases this power can be used for good, but for the most part, YouTube works as a Theatre of the Absurd, providing us with an endless supply of political gaffes. We haven't been this excited about politics since Sinead ripped that picture!

Take the video above. It went viral in no time, and it's not hard to see why. Even my internet-challenged parents watched this one all the way through (sorry, SuBo, can't say the same thing for you). Phil Davison is seeking his party's nomination for Stark County Treasurer. Yes, Treasurer.

So ... with elections coming up, here are our five favorite (recent) political moments on YouTube.

5. Christine O'Donnell O'Donnell was officially inducted in the YouTube Hall of Shame before there was ever such a thing. It was hard to select a single clip of her well-publicized opinions because, like Sarah Palin, there are just too many to choose from. This unbelievable clip shows O'Donnell discovering that the First Amendment to the US Constitution calls for the separation of Church and State.

4. Levi Johnston Johnston recently joined the ladies of The View to promote his candidacy for Wasilla Mayor. His answer to Whoopi's question, "What is your platform?" shows his true genius: "At this point in time, I couldn't tell you." No platform, qualifications or GED? Just give everyone a rose.

3. Fort Worth Councilman Joel Burns You'll laugh, you'll cry. And if you're like us, you'll feel a little violated after watching this video of Fort Worth council member Joel Burns asking us to stop the gay bullying that's plaguing America.

2. Sheila Jackson Lee If you've ever paid attention to Houston politics, you're no stranger to the Congresswoman's penchant for the spotlight. Using her government-granted superpowers of presenting proclamations, Sheila Jackson Lee took her opportunity to address the world at Michael Jackson's funeral service. Urban legend says Nancy Pelosi quickly dismissed the bill pointing out that Congress has real business to attend to.

1. A Vote for Me Our number-one choice for best political moment on YouTube hails from our neck of the woods. Andrew Edison ran for The Kinkaid School Student Council President but was unable to officially show his campaign video to the student body because of a neo-conservative movement started by some parents that landed the school on the front page of Gawker. Not a great moment for the school, but a fantastic YouTube moment!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.