Vid Picks of the Week: The Weather

Snow In Houston

The weather was the news last week, and even we at Art Attack suffered as well. Kudos to AT&T for showing up on snow day to get us back online! And a special early Valentine's message to you, Internet. How we missed you, we promise to protest if they turn you off.

Back to our story: Since you're probably sick of hearing about it, here are our favorite weather moments of the week:

If you were online in Houston last week, you probably got the video above on Facebook. Michael Berry received over 200,000 hits and counting for his hilarious South Park-style clip mocking the hysteria outbreak. We recommend reading the video's comments on YouTube.

Snow In Toronto!!

Yes, it's true. It snowed in Toronto last week.

Jim Cantore Thunder Snow Moment In Chicago! From The Weather Channel

An instant classic featuring Chicago weatherman Jim Cantore having his moment of a lifetime. Message to Weather Channel employees: Avoid the water cooler today.

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