Vid Picks of the Week: The YouTube Play Biennial, Part 1

(Above) Meet the YouTube Play Jury: Takashi Murakami

Earlier this year, YouTube joined forces with the Guggenheim Museum to create YouTube Play, a Biennial of Creative Video. The first-of-its-kind Biennial aims to unearth and showcase the very best creative video from around the world.

Artists were called to submit their works by June and a "shortlist" of 200 curated videos was posted on YouTube last week. We stayed up and watched all 200 videos so you wouldn't have to. Without further ado, we present our 10 favorite YouTube Play videos.

Part 1, #s 10-6 today, after the jump. (5-1 tomorrow)

10. A Braided Beaded Balls Suit London textile artists Dana Haim and Learke Hooge Andersen were inspired by glowing deep-sea creatures and the human body to create this, one of the most visually stunning videos on YouTube.

9. Bedstuy Street Interviews Bedford Stuyvesant is an area of Brooklyn currently experiencing gentrification. The interviews for this video were created for the film Something Cool.

8. Revenge The title says it all.

7. "TehChing Hsieh" and "LeWitt, Sol" Music and Lyrics by Joshua Bienko.

6. 999 DAYS : Russell Higgs URBAN BARBARIAN "A culture's power structure depends largely on how we look and how we are looked at." Russell Higgs created a "Fresh Self Portrait Every Single Day" from September 3, 2006 to 29 May 2009 (999 days). Per the artist, "the project is fundamentally about being and time".

(Watch for Part 2, #s 5-1 tomorrow)

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