Vid Picks of the Week: Two Views of Immigration

With the DREAM Act not passing recently in Congress, the struggle for immigrants into the U.S. will continue to be invisible. In these moving films, Gael Garcia Bernal (of Y Tu Mama Tambien and dating-Natalie-Portman fame), gives a face to those who have none. As Bernal says, "At the start of their journey people are filled with hope of reaching the USA," but the "film reveals the dangers that await them."

Their stories are told as they wait to be transferred. One woman talks about feeling guilty for being Latin, another describes the way in which men treat her poorly without consequence. Each of their lives is documented through video interviews. (See all four here.) Will these videos serve as proof that the invisibles once existed? Much like countries that went through revolutions in the 80s, many people will lose their lives over US policies. It makes the video below (which has received the same number of views as the Invisibles films) a pale and hollow stunt in comparison.

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