Vid Picks of the Week: YouTube Meets Houston Local TV

Mediagumption (media + consumption) through YouTube (instead of cable) means one thing: no television ads. After spending some time with the family for the holidays, one gets the case of nostalgia for the non-viral. A few hours of local television made us remember the good old days, when kids didn't have to go online to feed their media addiction. We present the best of local television on YouTube.

(Above) Conan at Houston Bus Terminal For some reason back in 1992, the then-titled Conan O'Brien Show was aired at 3 a.m. in Houston versus midnight in every other city. Conan decided to go on a field trip to find out what people where doing while his show was on elsewhere. The footage captured at the Greyhound Station on Main Street went on to become comedy gold. Watch the entire clip here.

Colonial House Apartments

A lot can be written about this video of the Colonial House Apartments featuring wispy-haired Michael Pollack, but this comment on YouTube really can't be beat:

"This guy made my mom's skin crawl. She said he looked like a porn star, and the commercial insinuated they were promoting a swinger atmosphere there. I remember being in high school, dressing up like Pollock and having my picture taken next to a hand-written sign saying "Venereal House." My getup included a fake pornstache just like his, a suit with a wide open collar and a pair of cheap aviator sunglasses hanging from my shirt, buttoned up only halfway..I looked like his twin..ah, memories!!

Thunderbolt Commercial, 1983

What Houston commercial list is complete without this classic? Find one person that doesn't love it (excluding, of course, actual patrons who have received unsatisfactory service). "We put the


back in yer motor and transmission!"

Isiah Carey Reports on the Osteen Trial

There are some infamous Isiah Carey moments all over YouTube (second only to Mattress Mack in Houston commercial celebrity). This video however, beats them all--not because of the absurd subject matter (Victoria Osteen is sued by a flight attendant) but because at around moment 1:18, Mr. Carey reveals the physical manifestation of emotional distress: hemorrhoids!!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.