[Video] Flying Without a Plane at iFly Indoor Skydiving

When it comes to superpowers, flying is right up there with invisibility when it comes to powers that most of us wish we have. While man has conquered mass flight, personal flight is another story. Sure, we have jetpacks and other devices that can make us fly, but pulling off a Superman pose isn't easy with a bunch of gear strapped to you.

Skydiving comes close, but is skydiving really anything other than fancy falling? Maybe yes, and maybe no, but not all of everyone who wants to experience the thrill of flying also wants to be thrown out of a plane.

Enter the world of indoor skydiving, courtesy of the folks at iFly, who are bringing two locations to the Houston area in 2015.

[Video] Flying Without a Plane at iFly Indoor Skydiving

Indoor skydiving is exactly what it sounds like: skydiving without the whole being thrown out of a plane thing. You wear a suit and a helmet and giant fans push you up, giving you the sensation of flying (or being attacked by a particularly strong wind gust).

According to the folks at iFly, the beginners-level package will set you back $59.95 and gets you two flights plus a personalized flight certificate. You get a minute of flight time with each jump versus the 45 seconds of free-fall descent (and sheer terror) you'd get jumping from a plane.

You can make your reservations now for their Memorial location using iFly's Flight Wizard.

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