Video Game Atlas: End of Time

Once a week Art Attack will offer you a handy little travel guide to the fictional worlds of video games.

Name: End of Time, Chrono Trigger Series

Population: 2 permanent

Government: None

As you might have guessed, compiling this weekly travel guide to video game worlds involves a lot of moving, not only geographically but also across dimensions and time. For instance, when last week we stopped in Kakariko Village, I neglected to mention that I visited the village at its peak following the Hyrulian Unification War, and not further along in its decline along the divergent timelines resulting from the actions of the Hero of Time.


Should you follow in my footsteps through temporal hops, you will eventually find yourself at the point of least chronological resistance, the End of Time. Being the absolute cessation of growth or entropy in the universe(s), the End of Time is a null space that serves as a kind of observation deck of reality. Time travelers often wind up there whenever they try to move too much mass from one era to another, such as traveling with a large party.

Tourists that stop in at this ultimate rest spot can be assured of a warm welcome by one of the realm's sole inhabitants. Gaspar, the Guru of Time, found himself stranded in the void after the powerful, cosmic being Lavos destroyed the magical kingdom of Zeal sometime around 12,000 BCE. Being a man of brilliant means, he managed to construct a domain for himself presumably using flotsam resulting from temporal accidents and his considerable magical skill.

The result is a comfortable den resembling 19th century London settled warmly amidst the foggy reaches of the temporal abyss. Technically, the End of Time is also the Beginning of Time, and travelers will find both helpful gates connected to important destinations as well as a docking bay for time machines. Though there is no commerce to speak of, rest and relaxation options are available to all free of charge.

Video game programmers in particular are known to frequent the End of Time as a means of getting out from under the tyrannical clock of production. Rumor has it they've contributed to hidden areas of the End of Time available to only the most intrepid of explorers. Gaspar himself continues to observe the world, and is frequently sought out by travelers for his advice, cryptic though it might be. He also continues to develop new technologies, which may offer even such amazing feats as bringing the dead back to life.

Gaspar is not wholly alone at the End of Time. His longtime guest is the self-proclaimed Master of War Spekkio. Exactly what Spekkio looks like has never been determined, as he tends to change shape to match the expectations of his guests. He is also capable of imbuing those he deems worthy with magical powers, provided they aren't robotic or from a time too long before the invention of the force. As with the rest of the amenities, there is no charge for the bestowing of this awesome power, though Spekkio does delight in allowing you to test your might against him in battle. A warning, he is massively powerful, no matter how experienced an adventurer you might happen to be. Though he won't kill you under any circumstances, his tongue has a sting for those who aren't able to best him.

It's a calm place, and a welcome stop on any traveler's journey, but eventually you must rejoin the flow. Off now, to the next adventure!

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