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Video Game Atlas: Hope

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Once a week Art Attack will offer you a handy little travel guide to the fictional worlds of video games.

Name: Hope, Hitman series

Population: 2,000

Government: Mayoral democracy

You lose track of the hours lounging in demonic night spots, and by the time I left The Velvet Room it was time to return to America for Thanksgiving with the family. Having spent a pleasant week doing all the turkey and dressing sort of things you do with your loved ones, it was time to get back out on the road. Before getting out too far I thought I hit a new place I'd heard about up in the north end of my own country, the town of Hope, South Dakota.

Though there is talk of turning the area into a tourist attraction I personally didn't see much to draw in the average traveler. The streets are hot and mostly dirt, and I doubt if the place has seen any real progress since the 1960s. It does have a certain quaintness about it, and anyone who seeks some comfort in the old Texas towns you can find in our home state should be feel right at ease with the architecture. That being said, it's a far meaner place than the hill country.

Being always on the lookout for a drink I popped into the Great Balls of Fire Bar figuring that as a Texan the Jerry Lee Lewis connection might endear me to whomever I would find. Instead I tried to keep my head down since it looks like the farmer and biker clientele were looking for any excuse to start a fight. In the end, I spent a lot of my brief stay in the establishment sitting under a table nursing a warm glass of straight vodka making notes as a melee raged above, inspired by the outage of the jukebox.

Once everyone was either bleeding enough or knocked out enough I took a stroll in the streets of Hope. A few of my more paranoid conservative gun nut friends had asked me to check out McGarmond's gun shop while I was in town in order to confirm a rumor that was going around gun collecting circles. In general the only thing I know about guns is which end goes toward the other man, but in the smart phone age it seems reasonable enough to ask some questions, take some pics, and come home with a few business cards in order to appease the bunker dwellers on my Facebook.

Even to my untrained eye, McGarmond's is a damn impressive store. It's the size of an HEB, and seemed to have every gun in creation on hand not only to buy, but to try out on an ingenious gun range out back that used moving targets. My friends were right though, there was something special on display.

Even I had heard of the legendary Silverballer pistols. These custom pistols were mods of the famously hard to use AMT Hardballers, which were notoriously unreliable. I'm not sure what was done to the guns to remove those issues, but something surely was because they were the weapon of choice for the equally legendary Agent 47.

The hitman was rumored to be the genetically perfected clone of five different donors, and is widely whispered as the deadliest man alive. It's unknown how many contracts have met their end with rounds fired from these two beautiful stainless steel weapons resting in a locked case somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. I did inquire about price from the owner, but he simply said they were not for sale. As his clerk fetched me a business card, I heard him having the same conversation with a bald man whose ice blue eyes I did not care for at all.

I finished out my trip at a BBQ being held at the home of a man named McCready, who traded me an almost impossibly good bison steak and shish kabob for a couple of bottles of Arcadia Merlot I had left over from my Rapture trip. Rough place, Hope, but if you like that sort of thing you'll be right at home. Me? The road calls.

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