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Video Game Atlas: Sanctuary

Once a week Art Attack will offer you a handy little travel guide to the fictional worlds of video games.

Name: Sanctuary, Borderlands series

Population: 320

Government: Anarchy

Pandora is a bit rough for my taste in planets, personally. Especially after spending time in a commune of pacifist monsters like last week. Still, I'd heard that there was a relatively stable and not so shooty port in the planet and decided to pay a visit to the aptly named Sanctuary.

The small city was built on top of a now defunct mining ship. The last I'd heard of the area, it was a war zone following the death of the Baron Flynt. Now it is apparently one of the few places on the entire planet offering refuge from the aerial bombardment of Handsome Jack from his garish H-shaped moon base. Nominally, it is under the direction of Roland, who leads a combination of the last of the Crimson Raiders (a private army left stranded when the Atlas Corporation pulled out of the system) and local bandits as a resistance force.

As always, I went looking for a bar first, and made the acquaintance of Mad Moxxi, running a local tavern. The lusty, busty and thoroughly sadistic bartender was once the hostess of fights in the Underdome, as well as running a much rougher watering hole out in the Deep Fathoms. Her new digs are a lot more civil, with nary a strewn body in sight. The woman herself remains as decadently dressed and willing to flirt as ever, and was definitely a warm way to begin the trip.

Another woman I wanted to meet in town was the renowned Vault expert Patricia Tannis. Vaults are supposedly hidden all over the galaxy, and are said to house all kinds of amazing technology and wealth. Tannis has been researching them for years on behalf of the Atlas Corporation, but the local talk is that the constant bloodshed on Pandora has turned her a little strange. Still, how often do you get to talk to an honest to goodness expert on the Holy Grail of cool alien swag?

Tannis was willing enough to talk, in between casual offers of sex and conversations with two chairs in her room. From her I learned that the Vault everyone had been so crazed about the first time I visited Pandora turned out to hold an almost unstoppable monster. Lucky on the almost, but the egomaniac in the moonbase was apparently trying to get a second monster to do his bidding by opening another Vault because he apparently has never seen how that sort of thing worked out in Rock 'n' Rule.

Same old story out here on the border of civilization. Time to seek another destination. Next time, fellow travelers!

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