Video Game Atlas: the Republic of Dave

Once a week Art Attack will offer you a handy little guide to the fictional countries and cities of video game worlds.

Name: The Republic of Dave, Fallout series

Population: 9

Government: Democracy

Located in the most North-eastern corner of the Fallout 3 map, the mighty Republic of Dave stands over the ruins of many other tiny nations that have occupied the same territory. The Founder of the Republic, Dave, overthrew the tyrannical Kingdom of Tom, headed by his father, and granted his family/citizens the right to vote, thereby creating a democratic republic and gifting untold freedoms to the citizens of Dave.

Dave himself had been banished by his father and found work as a mercenary before returning to stage his coup d'état. Upon establishing himself as ruler, he held annual elections, but also amended marital law in order to allow him to take a second wife. Nonetheless, he is a man of his word, and should he fail to win re-election he will establish the New Republic of Dave in the deathclaw infested ghost town of Old Olney.

Though basically a small shanty town, the Dave offers plenty of amenities should you find yourself there. Trade is infrequent, but profitable, and the town features a thriving agriculture business. Those seeking political asylum under the protection of the Army of Dave can apply for such for a small fee or in trade of a hunting rifle. Outsiders are welcome provided they show deference to the sovereignty of Dave. Failure to do so is grounds for execution.

Be sure to visit the Museum of Dave, curated by Shawna. The Museum features artifacts from Dave's adventures in the wasteland as a mercenary before forming the Republic, including a Perception bobblehead and two pre-war books. Tours are conducted daily at 2 p.m., and a generous increase in the budget of the Museum has allowed for the buying of new exhibits.

In addition, Shawna serves as the local school teacher, and maintains one of only three active schools in the entire Wasteland. In addition to secular curriculum students are taught the wonders of Dave, and how he is much better than a regular human being because as a baby his poop did not stink.

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