Video Game High School Releases Trailer for Third/Final Season

In a pleasant surprise the trailer for the last season of the acclaimed web series Video Game High School hit the web this month.

Last season saw the series blossom into full primetime TV format at a time when web series and streaming content are all finding a new kind of freedom in the ability to not adhere to thirty-minute or hour templates. It was a bold move that could have done some real damaged to VGHS, but ultimately the show came out with a strong second act leading us to an explosive conclusion.

The trailer promises us back all of our old cast, with increasing focus given to Dean Calhoun. Though mostly a background character early on in the series, Harley Morenstein has increasingly clawed his way to star billing through his combination of classic old school gamer misanthropy and occasional hints at a troubled, but deeply caring personality underneath all of it.

Brian D (Josh Blaylock), Jenny Matrix (Johanna Braddy), Ted Wong Jimmy Wong), and Ki Swan (Ellary Porterfield) are still suffering from the lines that began to divide them last season as they each pursue their separate paths and find themselves sin competition. I got to tell you, watching the break-up of the bromance between Brian and Ted was hard. Sure, it's nice to see Ted come into his own outside the shadow of his wunderkind best friend, but judging from the upcoming action he's probably going to need Brian at his back.

There looks like some new game genres making their way into the series this time. The MMORPG that appeared briefly last season is expanded, including a hilarious gag relating to skipping the endless NPC dialogue. More exciting is some looks into the sports gaming genre, with nods towards the flaming slam dunks of NBA Jam series.

The main show is still their first-person shooter, and that's looking better than ever. The Law (Brian Firenzi) is back in some capacity, having previously left after helping Brian D and Jenny secure a major victory as a final tell-off to his nemesis. Now it looks like the future of the entire school is in danger from Shane Pizza (Chase Williamson) and an unrevealed master plot.

Season 2 had its ups and downs. The longer length seemed to lead to some padding, and at time The Law was used in ways that made little to no sense. There were few truly triumphant moments like Brian's dance off and final victory in the first season, but overall the show still remains a unique and wonderful celebration of a world where gaming is everything.

It has heart, and Season 3 doesn't appear any different. Check back here for reviews and coverage.

Video Game High School begins October 13.

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