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Video Game High School: Your Life Will NEVER Be This Cool

Producer Matthew Arnold promised me a break from first-person shooters in the fourth episode of the ever more amazing Video Game High School via e-mail this week, and the best show on the Internet did not disappoint. In fact...what's the opposite of disappoint? Whatever it is, my jeans are full of it.

Now that Brian D (Josh Blaylock) has managed to prove himself with an unorthodox style, he's earned himself an invitation to FPS Varsity Captain Jenny Matrix's (Johanna Braddy) party. In pure '80s movie convention, it's a booze-fueled gathering of cliques, and frankly, for the first few minutes it does drag on a little bit. Then again, maybe I'm just a little sensitive to awkward social situations, having lived through so many.

Nonetheless, Jenny invites Brian into her room to show him that she managed to beat his recently won high score, but the two end up bonding significantly over the love of a childish dance game that Jenny no longer admits to playing. Her family disapproved of her dance passion, insisting that she focus her talents on making it as a professional FPS. Though she declines an invitation from Brian to dance, it's clear that his sincerity and admiration for her touch her deeply.

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