[Video] Houston Celebrates a Very Exciting Pride 2014

Pride is more than just a parade and it's more than a festival. It's a celebration to be sure, a technicolor party that often features Houston at its wildest, but it's more than that too.

Pride is a statement, this year maybe more than ever. After all the controversy about bathrooms trying to distract from the HERO ordinance, the city council did finally pass it, the latest in a long line of moments in Houston history that shows while we may live in a very red Texas, we're not a city of close-minded hillbillies who wish it 1914 rather than 2014.

As you might guess, the excitement level was extra high for this year's Pride celebrations. Even though it rained and was extremely humid, people were out all day, taking in the sights and celebrating with friends old and new.

Thanks to our videographer Francisco Castro, we were able to capture some of that excitement on camera. Check out the video above to see what Houston had to say about why they love Pride.

For more of our Pride 2014 coverage, check out our roundup of the best outfits as well as our 2014 Houston Pride Parade slideshow.

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