[Video] Meeting the People of the 2014 Halloween Montrose Crawl

Costumes have been packed away. Leftover candy is being consumed. Thoughts are turning toward Thanksgiving. After weeks of anticipation, Halloween has come and gone. Sure, between now and then there will be other costumes parties and cosplay conventions and other excuses to dress up, but Halloween is the big day, the one that we look forward to the most.

This Halloween was even more exciting because it was on a Friday, which basically meant that the entire weekend was going to be one long, costumed party. Saturday Halloweens are cool too, and we expect 2015 to be pretty wild, but there's something about getting dressed and knowing the entire weekend is ahead of you that just makes a Friday Halloween a bit more special.

The thing about weekend Halloweens is that the number of celebration options increases significantly. And while there were plenty of fine options for ways to spend the night, one of the most popular, as it is in all years, was The Montrose Crawl. With 11 stops along Westheimer, it brings out the people like few events do in Houston.

And who are the people who dress up and hit the sidewalk with their fellow Houstonians? Videographer Ronald Jones joined them this year to find out what inspires people to go out and how they pick their costumes.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.