Video Pick: Gays With Guns

Metropolis TV is a Dutch website with a unique twist on investigative reporting. All of its stories are produced by local filmmakers, consisting of more than 60 award-winning documentarians all over the world. Each week, correspondents are given a topic and asked to document it locally. A recent assignment, for example, was to find the strangest ways people try to stay young. Click here to watch a video of a Beijing restaurant that specializes in serving animal penises to keep its clients feeling young and virile.

But "penis florentine" was not what we chose to highlight on Art Attack. Instead, we chose a recent Metropolis topic, gun control, as our Video Pick of the Week. A Metropolis contributor from the great state of Pennsylvania met with the Pink Pistols, an organization that "teaches queers to shoot." Fed up with the ridiculous, sky-rocketing rate of hate crimes, these gays are pissed and want to send the bad guys home in a rubber bag. We chose the video because, well, we frankly have never seen anything like it.

Click ahead to watch.

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Vernon Caldera