[Video] The Human Side of the Houston World Series of Dogs Shows

We're not anti-cat here at the Houston Press, we just really love dogs. As you can imagine, being the dog fans we are, one of the things we look forward to every year is the Houston World Series of Dog shows (formerly the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows).

It's a chance to check out breeds we don't normally get to see in person, watching the dogs navigate obstacles with grace and skill, and discover all the tricks that we wish our own dogs could learn.

We're not sure why our dogs would need to know how to count, but it would still be neat if they could.

This year we visited the NRG Center as we always do. We made friends with some unsung beauties. We got plenty of photos of the dogs of the event. And we shot the above video, speaking with the owners about why they attend every year, as well as getting some shots of their dogs in action. It's all pretty delightful.

Doesn't watching it get you excited about what you and your pooch could accomplish?

Well, maybe not, and that's OK; not every dog was meant to run through tunnels or weave through poles. Maybe your dog is really good a being a blanket, or keeping intruders away, or being dumbfounded by the TV. No matter what your dog does, give them an extra hug tonight and tell him, her or the whole lot of them that you love them.

And then start thinking about training. I mean, doesn't the dog show look super fun?

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