Video: The Virginity Hit's Zack Pearlman Caught in the Act

The newest Will Ferrell/Adam McKay film, The Virginity Hit, comes out on DVD this week. The self-described American Pie-meets-Superbad comedy follows the lives of four teenage boys trying to lose their virginity. Sure, we've seen this storyline many times before, but the cliche plot feels original thanks to the film's unique approach. Directors Huck Botko and Andrew Gurland weave YouTube videos into the storyline and use guerilla-filmmaking methods to tap into the kids' struggles. The result is a clever coming of age comedy that addresses one of the most challenging issues facing teenagers today: online exposure and the elimination of privacy.

The movie's star, Zack Pearlman, was discovered when he posted the above video on YouTube about being caught masturbating by his sister!

Click ahead for The Virginity Hit trailer.

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