Video: Watch These Poodles Pick Out Purses

Whoever coined the phrase "a dog's life" (meaning a miserable existence) never met Muffy and Sofie. Indeed, if that person had known the pair of poodles, we would probably take "a dog's life" to mean an existence full of hair (er, fur?) treatments, manicures, fashion and obsessive social networking. In fact, it sounds pretty swank.

Case in point: Sofie, 4 and Muffy, 8, have their own closet full of doggy-sized clothes. Both sport pastel-pink ears and matching nailpolish (just in time for summer) and both have strong online presences (Muffy's Twitter account alone has almost 2,000 followers). But owner Natalie Silva (one of the designers here at the Houston Press) says they each have their own distinct personalities."We call Sofie the intellectual," Silva says of her younger, quieter pooch. "But Muffy is all about the fashion."

Indeed she is. The moody furshionista maintains a blog written in I-can-haz-eeze and, much like her human female counterparts, drools over a Louis Vuitton bag (or, in Muffy's case, a Chewy Vuitton chew toy).

In the video above, you can watch Sofie and Muffy coordinate bags with their club clothes. We kind of wish we were joking here, but the fact is that it is horribly, horribly cute.

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