[Video] We Watched a Taser Scramble at Fun Fun Fun Fest

"If you've got a stomach for


then Punk Rock Circus is an all you can eat buffet of pure stupidity."

Reading those words, I knew exactly where I would be Fun Fun Fun Fest Sunday afternoon at 2:25 p.m. If I'm somewhere and there's a sideshow or a stunt show or simply just human beings doing awful things to their bodies for my amusement, I'll pretty much stop whatever else I might be doing to watch.

I do not watch because I enjoy the simple suffering of others. That helps, sure, but there's a difference between doing stunts and performing them. I would go as far as to argue that there's an art to causing pain, one that's being rapidly lost in our world of viral videos.

Don't try this at home...or in a wrestling ring either.
Don't try this at home...or in a wrestling ring either.

If I tell you, "Hey, watch this video of one man tasering another," you'll probably say no because of one of two reasons:

1. You're a rational human being who doesn't enjoy the suffering of others for your amusement. 2. There's really nothing entertaining about watching non-celebrities get tased unless they're on Cops.

But if I tell you, "Hey, watch this video of two guys competing for the chance to taser each other," you may find yourself intrigued. What kind of person competes in a contest such as this? Is this part of a tournament or is it a one-time thing? What does a person willing to risk getting tased to tase someone else look like?

Like I said, presentation counts.

Music is important to the music festival experience, but for a festival to really soar, it has to have representation from the other arts. What is a music festival without dance, fashion, street art and, yes, the occasional Punk Rock Circus?

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