Visit the Fake Wedding Site for The Five-Year Engagement

Because we're not already involved in more weddings than desirable, the marketing team at Universal has created a fake wedding blog (complete with YouTube channel) for the main characters of The Five-Year Engagement. In the movie, Jason Segel's Tom and Emily Blunt's Violet are happily engaged when Violet's new job forces them to move. So they postpone the big day and eventually it looks like the wedding might never happen. It's not entirely clear why (white person's problems?), but feel free to leave your best wishes on the couple's guestbook. Keep an eye out for fake goofy posts from Tom's friend Alex, played by Parks and Recreation's Chris Pratt.

To the person who had to sit at the computer and write, "We're getting married! Yes, mom. Married. You can stop worrying. But Violet's father should start worrying...ha ha," let me buy you a drink.

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