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Visual Artist Felipe Lopez Gets Chaotic in His New Exhibition

The relationship between science and art has long left scholars and artists in a quandary. If the scientific field is factually based, does this leave any room for creativity? Ask multimedia artist Felipe Lopez how the two relate and he will tell you a mouthful. To Lopez, it's not even a question of if science and art meet, it's how that relationship can be transformed into an image; the concept is one that he has been tackling his entire short but quite prolific career.

This Friday, Lopez will showcase his blending of science and art in a one-night exhibition, "Felipe Lopez, Small Works & Mono-Print Show," at Georgia's Market Downtown. The collection will consist of 20 new small pieces made from linen and other mediums, such as rice paper and vinyl. Each piece draws from Lopez's visual conceptualization of the human brain and all of its wonderful complexities. Much of Lopez's work examines neurology and the intricate synapses of the brain.

The small works of this collection, however, look at more of the psychological aspects of the brain rather than neuroscience.

"I wanted these pieces to give the feeling of being overwhelmed," says Lopez.

Each small circle has a large-scale amount of detail, and to take it all in requires much attention. The challenge Lopez presented to himself was to create these "hyper-realistic" images on a very tiny surface.

"I usually do large work," Lopez states. So condensing his ideas into very small proportions was a welcome test.

Lopez uses a varied color palate, greens and blues, to represent certain areas of the brain. Additionally, his use of mixed media layering adds to the chaotic, "overwhelming" nature of each piece. It is a melding of abstract expressionism and surrealism and worthy of careful examination.

The pieces will be strategically hung from the interior architecture of Georgia's for patrons to admire and purchase. Lopez hopes that there will be a lot of buyers at this specific show, and not due to his own monetary reasons.

"I am trying to build up younger collectors in Houston," Lopez says.

Lopez explains that often young professionals looking to invest in art work simply don't know where to start or don't have the capital for work deemed "collector worthy." So to make these pieces more attractive to young buyers, he will be selling each one for $100.

Lopez should know a lot about both what sells and being a "young professional." At the ripe age of just 20 years old, Lopez has already made a large splash in the art world. His work has received numerous awards and recognition and has been showcased in the Wade Wilson Gallery, the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, the Galveston Opera House and the Dallas Art Fair, among others. His work can also be found in many a private collection; most recently he sold a piece to everybody's favorite stoner, Cheech Marin.

Despite his age, Lopez has been moving quickly and continues this trajectory. After this small-works show, he will have a show on October 11 at WAR'HOUS and the SPAM 2012 Exhibition in early November, among others.

"Felipe Lopez, Small Works & Mono-Print Show" will be on display at Georgia's Market. Friday, September 21 from 6 -10 p.m. Free. For more information visit Lopez's Facebook page.

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