Voice Daily Deal at the Wortham Center Oversold, Refunds Available

Ever seen that commercial where a group of eager twentysomethings stand around a computer as the first orders for their new company come in? At first there's just a few sporadic clicks and they look worried. Then the pace picks up and there's smiles all round. Finally there's a rat-a-tat acceleration and smiles turn to dismay. They are overwhelmed.

The commercial could be a blueprint for what happened yesterday with our VOICE Daily Deal offering discounted tickets to the Wortham Center's Art Celebration New Year's Eve Affair.

We'd like to blame Fox 26, which mentioned the discount at its 6 p.m. broadcast and apparently initiated a ticket-buying frenzy. But really, we appreciated the plug from KRIV. It just worked a lot better than we were able to handle.

So, the Wortham event might (probably) be oversold. In an effort to avoid destroying your New Year's Eve celebration, please let us know if you would like us to refund your purchase prior to the event.

The Wortham has a strict capacity limit and once it is reached, no more party goers will be allowed in. So if you really still want to use those tickets, your best bet is going to be to show up early.

If you want to go the refund route, call Press Retail Sales Manager Alison Brown at 713-280-2801 or e-mail her at alison.brown@houstonpress.com. We apologize and hope you have a Happy New Year wherever you find yourself.

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