W. Kamau Bell

There’s no telling what topics comedian W. Kamau Bell will tackle during his Houston show. That’s probably why he called the tour Oh, Everything. An acclaimed stand­up comedian, writer, actor and television host, Bell often comments on politics, race relations and pop culture. Exactly what aspect of those topics he’ll discuss is always up for grabs.

The former host of the critically acclaimed FX & FXX program , he was once described by the late, great Robin Williams as “ferociously funny.” Houston fans have been waiting for his Houston debut. When asked why he had never visited the Bayou City before, Bell is quick to correct. “I’ve been to Houston before, but I’ve never done stand­up comedy in Houston before.” The San Francisco Bay area-­born funny man visited the city many times in his younger years, Texas road trips being a favorite pastime of his father. Bell recalls fond memories of “skating at an ice rink at the [Galleria] mall.” (Upon finding out that the rink is still operating, Bell exclaims, “Boom! So, I got old-­school Houston credit now!”)

For those less than familiar with Bell’s unique brand of biting cultural commentary and daring satire, refer to a bit from his previous one-­man show . Bell observed: “There was an issue that after we got a black president, we were [suddenly] living in ‘post-­racial’ America. Now, I first heard [the word ‘post­-racial’] the night of the election. I went to a dictionary and looked [the term] up. And I found out what it means...nothing. It’s not a real word. If you meet anybody who actually believes we are living in a post­-racial America, I can disprove that in just two words: Washington Redskins.”

7 p.m. Warehouse Live, 813 St. Emanuel. For information, call 713‐225‐5483 or visit ­warehouselive.com. $15.
Sun., Nov. 9, 7 p.m., 2014

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