Wahlburgers and 10 Other Celebrity Sibling Businesses We Want to See

Not only did we not realize that Mark and Donnie Wahlberg had a third brother, now we've found out that the whole Boston family are restaurateurs and are in the process of opening another. This time the brothers Wahlberg are moving from Italian fare to flipping patties. The burger joint is going to be called, wonderfully, Wahlburgers. If you didn't think Marky Mark had a sense of humor before, there is no denying it now.

The Wahlburgers restaurant got the wheels of our nonsensical brains moving and we came up with some more celebrity sibling entrepreneurial ventures we'd like to see happen.

10. The Aflexer Since Ben and Casey do it all, they would be perfect to endorse an exercise machine that works every muscle in your body simultaneously. They can even write, film and star in the 1-800-commercial themselves and call it a documentary.

9. Lemonquaid A new, lemon-flavored malt liquor from Dennis and Randy Quaid. Be on the lookout for Strawberry Lemonquaid, Watermelon Lemonquaid and Crazy Paranoid Lemonquaid

8. Gyllenhaalal Meats These sibs are totally PC, environmentalist, world-hunger-ending types and should start a company dedicated to the most humane way of slaughtering animals, thus putting the spotlight on the Middle Eastern way of eating. Then Hollywood can overexpose its health benefits and call it a new diet fad.

7. Deschanel Number 5 The new fragrance from Zooey and Emily. It's for the independent woman, a quirky, light-hearted scent with just a hint of formaldehyde.

6. Mónica & Penélope's Booze Cruz The stunning sisters start their own "party on a boat concept," complete with 50-foot screens showing nothing but Pedro Almodóvar films, Spanish wine and melodrama guaranteed.

5. Batemanwich Sloppy Joes Justine and Jason Bateman throw their hats in the canned meat ring, which, given Jason's latest career choices, might sound better than canned laughter or no laughter at all.

4. Krispy Kardashicreams The sisters have been wanting a reason to blow their diets forever, so why not open a doughnut shop? Then they will have the perfect excuse to get fat and US Magazine won't be able to touch them. It would be their job to be fat, and they need jobs.

3. Arquettual Healing The Arquette quintet, having not much else going on, open a chain of spas that are part spiritual, part touchy-feely and part who knows what else. Since this family is known for their off-color, at times bizarre, behavior, they should share their eccentrics with others through massage chairs and incense. Now, with stuffy Courteney Cox out of the picture, there is no reason not to.

2. Southern Pickled Spears Britney and Jamie Lynn have already pickled their livers. So, girls get some vinegar, some cucumbers and some hot sauce and see what happens, y'all!

1. Cymbaldwin Because depression hurts, but seeing a Baldwin brother that's not Alec try and act can help.

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