Want to Swim in the Pool With Your Dogs? Consider Rummy's Beach Club in Spring.

Imagine you and your dog or dogs together in a swimming pool. Imagine that you don't have to worry about any other people or their dogs and that for one hour, you and your dogs can just be happy together in the Texas heat. 

Your dogs don't swim? They'll give them life jackets. Your dogs never dove to the bottom of a pool for a rubber chicken? Relax, they'll show you how. Your dogs really don't like the water? That's okay; they won't judge. There's a sizable area of grass to run around in.

Lisa Goebel decided some of the best moments of her life were spending time with her dogs in the water. So she set up Rummy's Beach Club, where other people and their dogs can do as well. It's not a doggy day care. It's not a regular dog park; it's you and your dogs only. You book an hour to spend with your dogs in Spring. And with underwater photography, you can see what happens.

And as our video by Ray Kuglar shows, here's canine happiness: 

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