The ever changing faces of Houston
The ever changing faces of Houston
Photo by Groovehouse

Want Your Face on the Front Page of the Houston Press?

We've been running a series of online stories about Houston and how its different neighborhoods and people have developed over the years.

Writer Chris Lane is ready to pull his Changing Face of Houston series together for a cover story, and we thought there's no better way to show this off than to create a human outline and fill it in with Houstonians' faces.

Here's all you need to provide us with:

-bright, in focus "mugshot/profile pic" from chest up. -no larger than 400px square at 200dpi -less than 1MB jpeg format -color preferred

and email it to

Also, we'd like to extend you the opportunity to possibly become part of our story. If you grew up or are living in a neighborhood that has seen some change, please email us a comment with any contact information that we can use for followup. What we're looking for are anecdotes like the ones we've included in Lane's series. Again, email it to

We look forward to hearing from you as we put the final touches on The Changing Face of Houston.

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