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Was June 1984 the Greatest Movie Month Ever?

1984 is often cited as one of the greatest years for movies. Not just because so many films released that year are considered genre classics, but because they're also eminently rewatchable.

It's an important consideration. For while 1939 is usually singled out as The Greatest Year for Movies ever, how many times can you really watch Gone with the Wind? The Terminator, on the other hand ... give me Sarah Connor over Scarlett O'Hara during a war with SkyNet any day.

I'd like to take this a step further, and suggest if 1984 is one of the best years ever for cinema, then June 1984 -- 30 years ago this month -- was the greatest month of movies of all time. This is an exhaustive study based on the highly scientific criterion of many times I've watched those movies hung over on a Saturday afternoon.

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