Watch This: The Hollywood Reporter's Emmy Campaign Is Really Funny

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards are just around the corner. If you are a highfalutin TV junkie, than Emmy night is your night! Emmy snobs have a certain air of pompous victory when their favorite shows take home big awards, especially cult favorites with poor ratings. It's a "see, I told you this was a good show," type of pride that people have for their programs. Conversely, when the judges pass up a clear winner, television fans feel robbed and complain how no one understands real art.

Despite the Emmys being another award show in which Hollywood obnoxiously slaps itself five, it is way less annoying than the Oscars. It is hard for actors to get all weepy over how "brave" their producer is when they star in a sitcom about community college. For the past few years the Emmys have been fairly predictable and par for the course, but there were a few shake ups this year that might make things more interesting and maybe someone will show up really toasted.

There's not much to discuss leading up to the Emmys, in my opinion. The pundits have nothing else to do but wax poetics over who will or who won't win and most of the critics seem to agree on the same people taking a statue home. There's not all that much to discuss until the Emmys roll around on September 23.

In the meantime, The Hollywood Reporter has been showcasing political "commercial-style clips" of nominated actors and actresses' co-stars pitching to the academy why their preferred nom should win. Some of them are pretty hilarious.

Jim O'Heir Campaigns for Amy Poehler Jim O'Heir plays the often-overlooked character Jerry Gergich on NBC's Parks and Recreation. He is so ignored that no one even knows his real last name. So it is completely fitting, and very funny, that O'Heir's pitch for Poehler would involve being pushed aside again.

Lauren Graham Campaigns for Jason Ritter Ritter has been nominated for outstanding guest actor on a drama for his role as Mark Cyr, English teacher and potential love interest to Graham's character on the show Parenthood. This cute and clever little pitch by Graham only makes the characters' possible relationship juicier.

Noel Fisher Campaigns for Hatfield & McCoys Despite receiving marginally positive reviews, the History Channel's original miniseries Hatfield & McCoys has received 16 nominates. The miniseries stars Bill Paxton and Kevin Costner as the title characters in a fictionalized version of the historic feud of the Hatfield/McCoy family. In addition to wanting the miniseries to win, Fisher is pitching to add the category of "Best Beard." The joke is that he can't grow one; I bet that's not a joke at all.

Ben Schwartz Campaigns for Don Cheadle Schwartz and Cheadle star together in Showtime's House of Lies. Schwartz dumps all over Cheadle and almost throws up in his mouth at the thought of saying good things about Cheadle. It's brilliant. Schwartz needs to be in everything ever made going forward. I will campaign for that.

Rob Corddry Campaigns for Children's Hospital Corddry's show Children's Hospital has been nominated for Outstanding Special Class Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Program, which is really a category. Children's Hospital does deserve an Emmy, and not just because it is one of the funniest shows currently on television, but if for no other reason than The Daily Show already has too many and Web Therapy, the Lisa Kudrow vehicle, is only funny in theory. Plus, apparently, Corddry needs an Emmy before he turns 42 or his friend Sully will take his first born child.

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