We Announce the Winners in Our Crazy-Roommate-Stories Contest

Earlier this month, we asked readers to submit their craziest roommate stories for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card, along with official promotional items for the film The Roommate, which is currently in theaters.

You sent them and we've chosen the winners. Today we bring you the third place entry, winner of two run-of-engagement passes and official promo items. Second and first place to be announced Wednesday and Thursday

We have to say, the following story is a little disturbing, because we can't choose which of the two females involved is the crazier roommate. Both are flawed, in our opinion.

Click ahead for the story.

I was 18 and living with a notorious slut. Barely a night went by when we didn't have half our coworkers at the house getting drunk. "Slut" was known for many stupid things, but in the course of getting drunk, she revealed she had genital herpes.

I got involved with the younger of a pair of brothers. She got involved with the older. One night, I'm in my room with the younger brother and there's a knock at the door. Seems the older brother was asking the younger brother what the chances of pregnancy were without a condom. He had no idea she had herpes, and she was clearly not planning to tell him. As soon as my guy tells me, I make him go grab his older brother and tell him about her little secret.

Let's just say things got interesting after that, involving missing shower curtains, open bags of chicken wings and holes in the wall. Fun times.


We're on the fence about whether it was right for the author to divulge her roommate's STD, even if the roommate was already open about it. She could have just advised her boyfriend to tell his brother to use a condom. On the other hand, not divulging an STD to a potential sexual partner is pretty heinous. The author also seems pretty judgmental for a person that chose to live in a drunk haven with a "notorious slut."

But we're most surprised that an older brother would have to ask his little bro about condoms. That's kinda sad.

Sounds like a scenario out of a Larry Clark film.

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