We Announce the Winners in Our Crazy-Roommate-Stories Contest (Second Place)

Earlier this month, we asked readers to submit their craziest roommate stories for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card, along with official promotional items for the film The Roommate, which is currently in theaters.

You sent them and we've chosen the winners. Today we bring you the second place entry, winner of two run-of-engagement passes and official promo items. The first-place entry will be announced tomorrow.

The following story is on the Single White Female-lite side (no dead puppies or murder-by-stiletto-heel), and frankly it reads a bit like the intro to one of those "tales of erotic fiction" we've heard about.

Click ahead for the story.

I decided to rent out an apartment with a female friend/associate I'd known for a couple of years, because we both ended relationships and we were ready to move on. We thought we could save on rent and live a new single life. Well, that changed fast once we moved in together and she started to become very jealous, needy and controlling, as if we were in a relationship together (mind you we both only date men).

Soon she started telling me she likes to go in my room when I'm away, try on my clothes and lay in my bed. I thought she was joking until I actually caught her when I came home early from a trip.

She would cook for me without even asking if I had prior dinner plans, and she would get mad if I didn't come home for dinner. Then she started dressing like me. She also told me, "We'll be close forever now that we stay together." After a couple of months she invited one of my old flings to the house, so the new guy I was dating would think I was cheating, because she didn't want me getting too serious with him and moving out. I felt like I was in a relationship from Hell, but this was my roommate, not my partner.


OK, do the so-called "sane" people in these situations ever confront their "crazy" roommates? I don't know, maybe say something like, "It's not OK for you to wear my clothes and lay in my bed?" "Your creepy behavior is bothering me?" In this case, the author has known the roommate for two years; it's not like she has to tiptoe around an as-yet-unpredictable acquaintance. Establish some boundaries, people!

Or...there's that "erotic" thing, too.

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