We Heart Twaggies

Can I sleep my way to the top of Twitter like in real life? - @monikkab

What happens when you combine hilarious tweets with a few talented, and a few, well, motivated artists? Hilarity ensues. The result is Twaggies, a ridiculously funny site that brings twitter posts to life, because "who doesn't like a visual?" We spent the better part of an hour laughing out loud to corresponding "twags" to such tweets as "Ummmm. I shit you not THERE IS A PEACOCK in my front yard!!!! What do I do? - @Alyssa_Milano" and "Looking at this Philip's head screwdriver makes me wonder what the hell Philip looked like. - @JeeNeeBee" They seem to have upgraded their art department as of late, however. We feel the early crude sketches sometimes add to the comedy and charm of the older posts.

A few of our favorites are featured after the jump.

Southwest: The Chicken Bus of the Sky. - @xenijardin

This is especially true of flights connecting Los Angeles to Las Vegas and Houston to New Orleans. On one such trip the flight attendant apathetically abandoned the "A-B-C" seating method in mid sentence, possibly overcome by the stench of bourbon emanating from the unruly hoard, and passengers rushed to board the plane like it was the last lifeboat on the Titanic.

Water parks are basically just places to deposit used Band-Aids. - @michaelianblack

Huh. And all this time we thought water parks were large community bathrooms. Good to know!

Unwritten law: Every time your child wants to watch Spongebob Squarepants, you're allowed to become Drunkmom Sweatpants. - @1surlygurl

This highly fashionable look can also be achieved without Spongebob or a child.

If I had to choose between owning a panda bear or a pander bear, I'd take the latter because he would always tell me what I wanted to hear. - @wadetoblack

We thought about this one long and hard. In the end, we decided that we would prefer the pander bear as well--unless he pandered all the time, and for no good reason.

Why isn't Wallace Shawn the spokesman of a birth control pill called "Inconceivable?" - @phirm

Perhaps it's because the mere thought of Wallace Shawn talking about lady parts in a roundabout way is inconceivable to women.

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