Weekly Time Waster: Turkey Coloring Book

We spent some time trying to find a Thanksgiving-appropriate time-waster for you this week, and we couldn't even imagine what that would end up being. There's turkey shooting games, of course, but shooting games have never been our cup of bouillon. Thanksgiving is the holiday of laziness and respite: No presents to shop for, no costumes to fret over, no romancing, no parties to hop, just time at home on the couch, in the kitchen, at the table, enjoying sleep-inducing football games, sleep-inducing meals, sleep-inducing commercial breaks between the holiday movies on TV. The only games we remember playing are cards, rummikub, and scrabble. Most of those games never even get finished; the players dwindle as the nervous system slowly shuts down and the gravy high runs its course.

And since this isn't even a real work week, we thought the time was ripe to send you back to those peaceful days of minding your own business while incomprehensible family arguments circled in the air above you. What's that? Did somebody say coloring books? Shit yes.

These are the laziest coloring books (and perhaps most rewarding) we've ever tried. The game not only colors inside the lines for you when you click, it finds other areas it deems appropriate to color in as well. Don't feel like clicking on every grape in the bunch, but want them to not be the same color? Presto. Want the turkey to have different-colored feathers? Instant works of child-genius. Grown-up-genius is confusing and hard to judge, but making a child-genius coloring book composition is immensely satisfying. And, hey, you'll need that boost of confidence when you get home and everyone starts asking what you're doing with your life. There's even a print button...but you probably shouldn't let anyone know this is how you're wasting...ahem, spending your time. Just keep one for your personal files.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.