Weird On Etsy: Holiday Shopping for Nerds

Is there someone on your list whose IQ exceeds his or her weight? Their vocabulary may be over your head, but thanks to the "Geekery" section of Etsy.com, handcrafted holiday gifts for the nerds in your life are well within reach. A few of or our favorite hilariously geeky products are featured ahead.

For Eco-Nerds...

Throw 'n Grow Seed Bombs (The Flower Bomber) $17.50 - $150 Artist: The Flower Bomber, Beverly Hills CA "Step 1: Find a vacant lot, dirt-covered traffic median, crack in a wall, wherever. Step 2: Toss a "Throw 'n' Grow" (or two or three). Step 3: Come back after a bit of rain (or with a watering can if you're the go-getter type) and watch as wildflowers sprout, bloom, blossom and reclaim the city!" Rage Against the Machine-recommended but not required. Available in packs of 20 to 300. Now go plant some fucking flowers!

For Science Nerds, Doctors, and Biology Teachers...

Petri Dish Soap (Cleaner Science) $7.75-$8.25 Artist: Unidentified pharmacological student, Houston, TX Wash your hands with soaps that look like bacteria. Available in a variety of delightful scents, infectious disease has never looked so pretty. The Transformation E. Coli (pearberry scent) even glows in the dark. Add $1 and they'll even arrive gift-wrapped.

Heroes of Science Non-Denominational Ornaments (Eavesmade: Laser-cut Science Goodness) $6 each, $110 for set of 21 Artist: "A Designer, Builder, Problem Solver", New York, NY Perfect for science teachers, the handcrafted laser cut wood ornaments feature everyone from Einstein and Steven Hawking to Nicola Tesla, now available by popular demand. Fuck. Yeah.

Knitted Lab Rat (The Crafty Hedgehog) $125 Artist: "A part time college student and full time crafter", Burlington, VA The cutest damn disembowelment you'll ever see. Also available: Knitted Fetal Pig, Knitted Frog, and knitting patterns so you can create your own lovable animal autopsies.

For Techies...

Mac Fish Tank (MacQuarium) $149 Artist: Kyle Taylor, St. Petersburg, FL Any fish will feel technologically superior in an aquarium made out of a specially modified Power Mac G4 Cube. Rocks, plants, and fish sold separately.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.