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Wes Anderson's Rushmore, AKA St. John's Revisited in an Interview

Houston: The Rushmore School

In a story on The Onion's serious site, A.V. Club, writer Kyle Ryan who used to attend Strake Jesuit, delves into the St. John's/Houston background of Wes Anderson's film Rushmore.

As Ryan starts:

The world of Houston prep schools is small. Students who attend one of them are familiar with the others, and at some point, probably spend some time at them. As a student of Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, I spent some miserable nights running track and field's worst races--the 800; 1,600; and 3,200--on the cushy track of St. John's School. That's why, when I saw Wes Anderson's delightful 1998 film Rushmore, I recognized exactly where it had been filmed.

In the accompanying video, Mike Maggart, a former math teacher at St. John's, talks about how much fun it was when Anderson brought in his film crews as Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman ran their lines. As it turns out this didn't disrupt the normal order of things because they shot most scenes on weekends and during winter break. .

We also get to see how filming was done at the house of a former classmate, Josh Pesikoff, and how a subdued, tasteful bedroom was transformed into a room with purple walls and airplane models hanging from the ceiling.

As for Maggart, he kept the changes they made to his classroom and says he had the best looking room in the school.

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