Wha's Up, Beesh?

You know it's leather when we ride / Wood grain and rawhide -- "Suga Suga," by Baby Beesh

The Roxy had to turn people away from Baby Beesh's July 3 show. The Houston hip-hop artist's latest single, "Suga Suga," has been burning up airtime on local hip-hop stations; in fact, KPTY's (104.9) Jammin J claims the song is requested more than any other. "It has the pop appeal to blow up nationwide," he says. The song's smooth, bouncy beat, wicked guitar lick and sticky-sweet chorus are all about summertime, dope-smoking, cruising and high-siding.

Beesh will be performing at this weekend's Lowrider magazine Legends Tour 2003, which in and of itself is worth checking out. The lowrider show will feature everything from tricked-out bicycles for the shorties to ingeniously retooled classic automobiles that bounce like the Incredible Hulk on a 4,000-pound pogo stick.

Beesh moved to Houston from the Bay Area in 2000 after signing with the Sixth Ward's homegrown Dope House Records. "I instantly fell in love with Houston," he says. Many predicted a quick death for Dope House after its founder, South Park Mexican, was sent to prison on a child molestation conviction last year. But the label has rebounded -- if not quite as well as SPM and Baby Beesh predicted in their 2001 single "Ooh Wee." (The lyrics: "Baby Beesh and SPM we don't like no cops / We fidna' turn the Dope House into Microsoft.")

SPM and Beesh met on a 1999 tour; soon after, the two started collaborating on SPM albums. They toured together in 2001 and seemed to be on the verge of a successful collaboration, à la Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. "He gave me some beats and I wrote the hooks," says Beesh, who's clearly doing just fine on his own. "That's all you need: a great hook and a great beat."

The show runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday, July 20. Baby Beesh hits the stage around 2 p.m. Reliant Arena, 8400 Kirby. For information, call 866-789-1884 or visit www.lowridermagazine.com. $25.

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Scott Nowell